Bionanny::Access::soap - A SOAP-based access to a Bionanny service


Do not use this object directly, it is recommended to access it and use it through the the Bionanny::Listener manpage module:

  use Bionanny::Listener;
  my $listener = new Bionanny::Listener (-access => 'soap');


This object contains the real implementation of a SOAP-based access to a Bionanny Web service. All available (public) methods are described in the Bionanny::Listener manpage.



  my $obj = new Bionanny::Listener (@args);

The recognized names in arguments @args are:

-location => 'http://...'

It says where to find a Bionanny service - in the Web Services speak: it is an endpoint (a URL). Default value is http://localhost:8080/axis/services/bionanny.

-namespace => 'urn'

The namespace used by the Bionanny Web Service. It is a string which guarantees its world-wide uniqueness - therefore it often has a style of a URL - but it does not mean that such pseudo-URL really exists. Default is org.bionanny.

-soap => a SOAP::Lite object

Usually all Bionanny::Listener objects share an instance of the underlying SOAP::Lite module. But you are free to have more - perhaps with different characteristics.

-httpproxy => 'http://server:port'

In addition to the location parameter, you may need to specify also a location/URL of a HTTP proxy server (if your site requires one). By default no proxy is used.



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Parts were re-factored from modules available in Bioperl project. See copyright notices there.

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