* mySQL - connector 3 and problems with long period of inactivity
  -autoReconnect=true et al.
   (Problem: "MySQL closes connections after 8 hours of inactivity.")

* a Monitor handler for Perl
  - http://www.majordojo.com/archives/000464.php

* metadata are mostly unimplemented
* decent/reasonable example(s) of MonitorHandlers creating some metadata

* 'sender' is not propagated back (even though it is properly recorded);
  (perhaps to put it in metadata - but only on record level; it is
  non-sense to cumulate on sender, isn't it?)

* proper logging in Java

* cleaning of started but never finished records
  - automatically (at start-up of Bionanny service, a separate thread as well?)
  - by bionanny Java script (admin options)

* in cgi-bin:
  - hotspots, or be able to select a service name (and give its details)
  - images more permanent (to be able to be saved, reload...)
    - use either temporary files and redirection, or
    - keep in the output in the lower frame all variables - so the image
      can be always recreated
  - how/if to use the configuration section in monitor-form.pl?

* Monitor handler should/could call local Bionnany web service using a
  different transport (Java Transport, Local Transport) perhaps?

* Monitor handler should take threads from a ThreadPool...

* take db-persistence manager from Apache tools?
  (at least use there a different Log class?)

* an output in the format suited for Web Analyzer

* add Axis utilities to the javadoc generated API

* Quick Start: what to do first to see results (using Version service, perhaps?)
  - make a Demo-Link to soaplab services monitors...

* when a list of wanted services (in get) has only non-existing
  services, it returns all services - this should return none

* Optimalization:
  - method 'availableMetadata' could use some de-normalized database
    tables to avoid joins

  - more dedicated db connections (one for logging, one for listings,
    one for reading back)